Looking to Start a Real Business You Can Feel Proud Of?
"Discover How To Easily Grow 
and Dramatically Explode
Your Own Amazon FBA Empire
In 27 Minutes a Day...Or Less!"
...Regardless of Who You Are And Regardless of 
What Your Level Of Experience Is.
Dear Struggling (But Determined) Go-Getter,
Hi, this is Lenin Govea.

Since 2012 I’ve been helping dozens of people to design a more rewarding and gratifying “laptop lifestyle”.

And during the past 3 years my family and I have been living off a very profitable (and pretty much hands-off) business on Amazon...
Using a proven wealth-creation strategy that works like gangbusters.

Today I want to pass it on to you, so it can change your life like is has already changed mine, and the lives of many others…

But before we get down to brass-tacks, I want to make something very clear…
“There’s No Reason Why You Should Trust A Single Word I Say…”
And if you think what I’m saying is bullshit, I don’t blame you.

Society in general teaches us to spend a lot of money on a SCAM called “college education”…

Just to get a degree and then get a job to make other people rich…

Real life is full of scammers and people who just want to rip you off.

Online is no different, though.

Chances are that you may have already tried it all…

And nothing has worked for you.

Chances are that in this journey of yours to become financially free...

You've fallen for the deceiving and unethical "smoke and mirror" tricks of several bad apples that took your hard-earned money and never lived up to their promises to help you make a decent online income.

I know how it feels to be searching high and low for a solution to no avail.
“If You’re Anything Like I Used To Be,This Is How You Must Feel...”
  • You were told that earning a passive income online was a walk in the park, but when you try it, you fail miserably every time.
  • The only guys making money online are the gurus, leaving no room for the little guy.
  •  Every time you buy into a "silver bullet" money-making method you end up losing all of it... And some more!
  •  What sounded like a pretty damn good idea at first, is turning into a horrible nightmare.
  •  You're sick and tired of working your tail off to build someone else's dream.
  •  And you feel that the time to do something about it is NOW.
  •  The only problem is that you don't have the slightest idea on how to do it.
"Did I Hit The Nail on The Head?"
I know this because I’ve been there, front and center.

And the only reason why I’m here offering you some help...

Instead of struggling financially, is because I was in the right place at the right time.

I also found out that there’s a ton of good people out there, trying to really help others and make a difference in the world.

And I’m one of them.

My mission: Put all these years of experience under my belt to your service.

Now, let me tell you real quick the story that brought me here…
“How A Once-Broke Friend From Chicago Helped Me To Multiply My Income 3X Using A Simple Strategy To Make Bank On Amazon…”
It turns out that a couple of years one of my email marketing coaching students came to me trying to talk me into buying some kind of Amazon training program through his affiliate link.

Pretty ballsy, if you ask me... ha ha.

And honestly It came as a surprise because he was doing pretty well with list building and all the stuff that I taught to him

He confessed that he was really sick and tired of emailing his list every day, and that he didn't think he had a real business selling information products.

"Fair enough", I said.

He also showed me that he was making three times what he was making emailing his list, by selling stuff on Amazon

To be honest with you, I didn't believe him.

So, I just blew him off saying:

“Ok, if this stuff works so well, why don’t you show me how to do it for FREE and I pay you with my profits”


That never fails…
But To My Surprise He Said:
“Ok, Lenin… Game on!”

…I couldn’t back up at that point.

So, this once-struggling friend who came to me crying out for help the first time I met him (He was the first student I coached, ever), turned into my new master.

How cool is that?

Damn! I felt so proud of this guy when he started showing me everything about the Amazon FBA process…

(In case you are not familiar with the term, FBA stands for “Fulfilled By Amazon”… More on that in a few seconds)

And he took me by the hand, just the way I did with him when he was a newbie… Step-by-step and in a very simple way.

Man... Just remembering this makes me a bit emotional.
(Full disclosure: I may have shed a tear or two when I wrote this)

On top of that, the numbers he showed me were so sexy that I didn’t have any other choice than sticking to the plan he gave me and take massive action.

So I did…

And 9 months later…


My Amazon business income exceeded in more than 3 times the combined income of all my online businesses.
“Best Part? The Whole Thing Now Takes Me Less Than 27 Minutes A Day!”
I thought it couldn’t be better…

But a little voice in my head told me to go ahead and start my Amazon business.

Now that I understand the business I can tell you that this is way better than affiliate marketing, list building, Teespring and any other stuff you may have already tried…

Even if you’re very successful at it.
And one of the things I love about Amazon FBA is the fact that once you’ve set everything up, you can forget about it and do whatever you like.


Look, I know you are smart (because instead of trying by yourself you're seeking for help, kudos to you)...

So, please understand that I'm not saying that you'll have the same results and that in 9 months you'll triple your income.

Not at all, it takes some time to find the right product…

Select the right supplier…

Optimize your conversion rates…

It’s damn hard work!

But once you do it, it turns into a real passive income.

That no one could take away from you… ever!

Simply because we’re playing by the rules, and Amazon needs honest, ethical and trustworthy sellers like us.
“Just Imagine If You Could…”
  • Skip all the frustration and unhappiness that comes from trying to put together all the pieces of the “make money online puzzle”.
  •  Eliminate all the guesswork using a proven plan and letting someone who’s already been there to show you the way with crystal-clear clarity.
  •  Witness how your sales and income grow exponentially with little to no extra work on your end.
  •  Say good-bye once and for all to your boring daily routing, your boss-hole, commutes, and everything you hate about your job.
  •  Spend quality time with the family and friends, no matter what day of the week it is!
  •  Have the freedom and money to travel to all those special places you’ve always dreamed of… Tropical Islands, The Caribbean, You name it!
  •  Work for yourself whenever you want to and get paid what you deserve.
Exciting, right...?

All that and much more can be done when you follow the same steps to build your own store on Amazon, with a bit of patience.

And of course, you can always say no to my proposal...
“But What Would Happen To Your Life Three Months From Now If You Keep Doing What You’re Doing?”
Not much, right?

Everything will remain the same.

And you won’t be happier than now.

But what if I give you a proven system…

That you can start using today…

That will help you live the life you want and deserve…

Would you take it?

Did I hear a “HELL YEAH!”?

“Now It’s My Time To Give Back!”
I mentioned before that I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time…

But what I really believe is that if you give, it comes back to you tenfold!

So, after seeing my insane results on Amazon I asked my friend, why don’t you coach people… you’re really good at it.

And he just said: “Nah… Coaching is not my thing… I just owed you so much for what you did for me back in the day that I needed to pay it off… Why don’t you do it?”

So, for a few months I kept hearing those words in my head…

“Why don’t you do it?”

And I realized he was right…

Why effing not!

So, today I want to give you the same opportunity I got back then.

I want to show you how to build an insanely profitable Amazon business.
"Not For Free, Of Course!"
And the reason why I don’t do it for free is simple, and it’ll make a lot of sense to you…

Listen, I’ve been in the game for a while and you can't imagine how many people I've tried to help for free...

In 99.9% of the cases, none of them did anything.

And that’s is really sad…

Putting so much effort, and so much energy for nothing.

So, I figured out a way to make it a win-win for the both of us.

Here it is: I'm going to show you everything I know, and I'm going to guarantee your success

You'll get everything from me... 

Including the proven, step-by-step formula that takes you from "no clue" to online profit.

I'll take you by the hand through all the process, and give you the confidence you need to manage your own business.

I'll help you build an online business that let you create the lifestyle you deserve, and actually generate revenue while you're traveling (and even sleeping).
And on top of that, I have a huge guarantee (that nobody else is willing to give you): "You either get results in 3 months or less, or you walk out with all your money back"

But there's a catch (And I'm sure you'll agree is fair enough), you have to apply what I teach you, and complete the assignments thoroughly in order to claim this guarantee.

Sounds fair?
The Good News Is That This Has Not Only Worked For Me, But For Other People Like You Too!
"Before Meeting Lenin I Was a Newbie... Now We're Selling Like Crazy on Amazon. Thank You, Lenin!"

- Marc-Andre Leroux
"Lenin Was Key To My Success On Amazon FBA... I'm grateful that I found him"

- Fouad
"Working With Lenin Is The Best Decision I've Ever Made... We're selling like $500,000 a year!"

- Shaun Webb
“I tell my wife everyday how
happy I'm that I found Lenin”

-Igor Finkel
"Lenin's philosophy is helping others..."

- Martin Slack
"Lenin is caring, trustworthy and down-to-earth"

- Gerald
“I'd Like To Have You Onboard As Part of The Family as Well, But First We Need to Figure Out if This is a Good Fit For You or Not... Cool?”
First we'll need to hop on call on Skype so we can know each other and then decide if we both want to move forward.

After we're done with that, I'll show you step-by-step...
How to easily and systematically find the BEST products to sell on Amazon in a matter of minutes.
How to find the top-of-the-line suppliers begging to work with you using my proprietary “crossed selection system”.
How to get your products to Amazon warehouses faster with minimum cost.
How to price your products higher than the competition and sell way more than them, using my most effective pricing strategy.
How to bring more organic sales piggybacking on Amazon’s ranking algorithm, doing what they like the most.
How to build your own LINE of products… (Why just ONE product when you can have several powerhouses making you money?)
How to automate the entire process so that you only check your stats and send a couple of emails… Working less than 27 minutes a day.
How to run a successful business from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.
How to be successful long-term on Amazon with a little-known recipe only the top sellers know.
"And Not Only That..."
I'm also going to invite you to be part of my private coaching program and share with you my rolodex to 2x your business, and if you and I decide we're a good fit, I'll take you by the hand every step of the way...

You'll get these lessons in a 12-month online program that covers the ENTIRE process of starting an automated online business on Amazon.

You'll learn the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics, and examples of how to find a product idea, then use systems to "scale" your business...

Today You Have The Chance To Work With A Real Expert.

In one sentence: I'll help you get you results... Period!

And this is not just sweet talk...

I'm putting my money where my mouth is, because if you follow everything I said and you don't have your products selling on Amazon in the first three months, I'll send you 3 times your money back.

I'll show you how simple it is and walk you through step-by-step...

I'll even breath on your neck until you get the stuff done.

Because to me, failure is not an option, and if I take you under my wing, we'll make it happen together.

So, if this sounds like something you need…
Let's Face It...
We all want instant gratification...

Not a single soul I know wants to waste tens of hours glued to their computers creating products and sales funnels.

I'm offering you here a real solution to create a passive income that requires some work at the start (maybe a lot, but it'll be well worth it)

But once you set up the whole thing, you'll become the proud owner of a business that produces cash hand over fist...

And that allows you just relax and count that cash from the beach or wherever you want to be.

Pretty cool, huh?
“How Much Is This Going To Cost You?”
Excellent question.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, this is not cheap... But you get what you pay for, right?

Also, being a internet marketing mentor for so many years has taught me that people appreciate it when they pay good money for something.

The investment for this program are 3 monthly payments of $1,999. I usually charge $8,000 for mentoring, but as I want to talk you into this opportunity, I'm throwing in a scholarship of $2,003 so you can make up your mind faster.

I rather saying the price upfront, instead of playing games and make you and me lose our precious time.

Now, all I can say, if you're a bit scared about the price, is that this investment will be chump change compared with the big fat profits your business will generate for you, day in and day out.

Also, consider that we're not just getting you a second job, we're building an asset that you can sell in the near future and cash out big time.

Imagine selling your business in a couple of years from now in $200 Grand or even $500 Grand... It would be cool, right?

Well, that and more can happen if you make the right choice today.
"This Is Not For Everyone Even If You Have The Money"
If you're not willing to put in the work and want me to do everything for you, don't read any further, because you're not the candidate I'm looking for...

I'm looking for people hungry for success that just need the right guide.

On the other hand, rest assured that if you're willing to work hard and follow my lead, this investment wont come anything close to the profits your Amazon business is going to make you, once we have your business up and running.

Now, before we continue, I have a very important question for you:

Are you committed to succeed or just curious?

Because if you're committed I can guarantee one thing:

This will work!

Look... You and I know that money isn't everything...

But, it's what provides what we want!

Passive income, vacations for life, freedom, more time with the family, etc.

Let me help you get all that and more...
“Do I Really Need To Pay For Coaching?”
Not really.

If you're willing to go through the learning curve by yourself you can definitely try it.

There's a ton of free information, and even paid information on the Internet that can guide you.

Question is: Are you going to do something with all that information?

And the answer is "no"...


Because information out there is overwhelming.

You wouldn't know where to start.

And most important, because you're afraid of failing, of not knowing who to trust, and afraid of throwing your time and money down the drain.

If information alone mattered, almost nobody would be overweight, or unproductive, or in debt.

 You'd be successful already, right?
"And You Wouldn't Be Here Looking For Help..."
Also there's something else you may need my friend: Accountability!"

And that's what I'm going to give you!

If you want to avoid all the bumps on the road, and have someone who's been there front and center guiding you all the way to the top, then I'm your guy.

But, if you want to do it yourself with little to no results to show for, struggling and anxiously wondering if you're doing the right thing, you can definitely give it a try on your own.

You can even go and purchase a course about Amazon...

But soon you'll realize that they're not giving you the full picture, and you'll need to buy another product.

And then another product...
"Stop That Vicious Cycle, You're Hurting Yourself!"
Because you're losing the only thing in life that never replenishes... TIME!

24 hours is time time we all have every day and we decide what to do with it...

Money, on the other hand, you can always get some more... It always replenishes every week, every 14 days or every month, depending on how often you get paid.

But you know what?

I can help you save MONEY and TIME by following a proven system and learning from the mistakes of someone who already made them (Yours truly).

Look, you can spend lots of hours and even days or months trying to connect the dots...
"...Or You Can Invest in Your Education TODAY and Get a System That Works!"
All you have to do is follow it to the "T" and use the time you saved to enjoy life.

Makes sense?

What I'm offering here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that fast tracks your progress and keeps you from very expensive mistakes.

So the question "Is this really for you?" comes down to if you really want to be successful or you want to acquire more information?

Having a real business is not cheap, but how much are your dreams of financial freedom worth to you?

So, do you want me to help you get massive results?
“What’s The Difference Between This Program And The Other Courses Offered Out There?”
I don't want to discuss whether my mentoring is better than any other course out there or not.

All I can tell you is that when you become my coaching client you get VIP treatment and with your cooperation I'll turn you into an Amazon celebrity.

"Are You in The Right Place at the Right Time?"
You may agree that I was lucky to have this former student and friend who showed me everything...

And I agree 100% without the slightest shadow of a doubt...

But the takeaway here is not just to be in the right place at the right time.

Its that you need to do something when you're presented with great opportunities.

In this exact moment you're being presented with a great opportunity.

So, what are you going to do about it?

“This Is Only For The Ones Who Consider Themselves Action-Oriented People!”
If you believe that you’re going to get rich just because you paid some money to someone, then this is not for you at all.

Information is useless without action.

Most people who are looking for a cheap product are just curious.

I’m not looking for curious people.

I’m looking for a handful of people who are determined to change their lives.

And in plain English that means: “taking massive action”

Is that you?
If you want to have a real business producing cash on autopilot for you while you sleep (and I'm serious, and even when this is not going to happen instantly, eventually it'll happen), selling a real product you can be proud of to real customers, then this may be for you!

The time has come.

Let’s do this!

Let me help you achieve your goals.

Let me help you get what you deserve and desire!
Just keep in mind that once I reached the maximum number of people I can help this program will be closed until a new spot becomes available.

Thanks a lot for your time.

All the best,

Lenin Govea

P.S. This program is for people hungry for results, and I'm so sure that I can help you if you're willing to follow my strategy and do as I say, that if you don't see any results in 3 months I'll give you 3 times your money back. But this may not be for you, unless you're an action-taker.

P.P.S. I want you to understand that's impossible for me to guarantee results if you don't do your part, and the only way you can claim my guarantee is if you put in the work, and you don't have a product selling on Amazon in three months since we start.

Also keep in mind that Amazon is a long-term business, so you need to look at it as a 1-year project to see real profits... Still, I know for a fact that if we work together and you do your part you'll see results in three months or less and get enough momentum and keep pushing until we reach your income goal together.

Disclaimer: Just keep in mind that this is NOT a Done-For-You service and even though I CAN guarantee you'll have a product selling on Amazon in 3 months or less from the moment you start, your results may vary, I cannot predict your future revenue, and you're responsible from any decisions you make, like in any real business. But of course, my superpower as a coach consists in taking you by the hand through the process, making things easier for you, and equip you with the mindset, ability and expertise you need to succeed spontaneously and even unconsciously.

I pride myself on taking this responsibility very seriously, that's why I don't sign up every prospect, even if they have the money. 

Keep in mind, I'm only open to help seriously cool, fun people these days, so boring, uninspiring, lifeless fellas... beware!